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jiu: police criminal investigation ( ジウ 警視庁特殊犯捜査係 ) is a japanese drama based on a novel trilogy by honda tetsuya that aired on TV Asashi in the summer of 2011. it follows two female police officers, motoko (played by meisa kuroki), an athletic detective with great combat abilities willing to kill a suspect if necessary & misaki (played by mikako tabe), an intelligent detective with a warm heart who thinks of the criminals’ minds first. they’re investigating the case of jiu (played by myungsoo), a mysterious yet powerful serial killer who’s made countless victims.


myungsoo’s character is a young chinese man (yep, korean guy playing a chinese kid living japan) who was abandoned by his parents and grew up alone. unable to feel any pain, he ends up killing to feel purpose. as myungsoo puts it, “he’s an innocent and lonely kid, but due to the scars of his past being too large, he became twisted.” despite being the key character, jiu doesn’t appear much due to the series focus on the investigation & the main characters’ relationships rather than the criminal’s actions.


rather than auditioning for the role, myungsoo was scouted by oe tatsuki, the series’ producer, who said “i remember the moment i met L, i thought, ‘Jiu exists!’, and had goosebumps.” due to his role, myungsoo had to travel to japan on his own on a few occasions throughout july and august of 2011, but was very grateful for the opportunity. his japanese improved greatly, making him the best at a second language in the group, on top of allowing him to show off his acting skills & talent with various weapons and fight scenes for the first time since his roles in epik high’s run mv, infinite’s btd mv & minor CFs. he grew quite close to the staff and cast, mainly yuu shirota, a rather well known japanese actor. myungsoo recently mentioned that the time he cried the most since his debut was when the recording for this drama ended.


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